7 ways to reduce smartphone addiction

We all know that nowadays the smartphone is a must-have gadget as we have a lot of dependency on the smartphone. In many ways, the smartphone has helped humans but it’s over usage can make us addicted to smartphone  

You may have observed that you are checking your phone again and again although there is no message or notification on phone. This may irritate you many times. You might have thought that it is one bad habit in you. But it is not just bad habit which you might be suffering. There are many other people who are having the same experience as you.

Recent studies and according to researchers at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research, it’s a sign of addiction and shows this phenomenon is called phantom communication experiences. This shows addition to gadgets and creates an illusion where the user checks the phone very frequently. The researchers found that participants who rated higher for consciousness and emotional stability were less dependent on their phones and therefore less likely to experience phantom notifications.   

Like other addiction, this addiction can also overcome. 

Here I have listed 7 useful ways that I used to reduce my smartphone addiction. It gave me the result in 7 days.

  1. Nighttime is the time when we browse the phone too much. Better if you leave your phone in another room. So your mind will assume that you don’t want to browse anymore. I know it can be a little tiring as sometimes you have to go to another room if real notification arrives.
  2. During working hours or sometimes of the day turn off the internet. By this also mind will assume that you don’t want to browse the phone.
  3. Define time for phone browsing and strictly follow that time. The mind will be relaxed because you have allotted time for activity.
  4. If possible log out from apps that don’t give useful notification.
  5. Try to engage yourself with productive and creative activities. Once you are busy mind will not think about the smartphone.
  6. For writing use a notebook. Try not to write in a smartphone if possible.
  7. Do not use your phone to check the time. Once you unlock the phone to check the time you mind want to check all the notification or browse. Bring a wall clock or wristwatch.

This points are certainly useful but 100% discipline is also required first 7 days.

I hope by these points you can overcome on smartphone addiction.

Have a happy life.


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