Is fear only the root of all envy? A Tale from Mahabharata


Jealousy is ours that we show that others are better than us and we are less than better than them. Because of this obstacle, we start seeing ourselves with a loss of sight. Well, human beings can have infinite reasons for jealousy. But fear is the main reason. When we fear that others can encroach on our territory and our lives will not be enough to stop them, we start to envy them.

In the Mahabharata, the same kind of jealousy is described as a dispute. King Pandu of Hastinapur receives a curse, consequently he becomes unable to intercourse with his wives and create children from them. After that he goes to live in the forest. Both his wives Kunti and Madri also go to forest with him.
Then Kunti, telling the remedy to avoid this curse, says, ‘I have a mantra by which I can call any deity and force it to give me a son.’ Pandu does not use this remedy till then As long as he does not listen to his elder brother, Anand Dhritarashtra, who has now become the ruler of Hastinapur, the wife of Gandhari is pregnant.
The fear awakens in her mind that if she does not have a child then her family will be destroyed. He urges Kunti to take advantage of that mantra. He calls Yama, Vayu and Indra and gives them Yudhishtir, Bhima and Arjuna. Pandu asks him to create more sons, but Kunti says that he can not use this mantra more than three times. That is why Pandu tells him to tell his second wife Madri about this mantra.
Kunti admits her husband’s words. But then he gets disturbed when using a mantra, Madri invites Ashwani Kumar to create two sons, who always come in a pair. The jealousy of Kunti is only due to fear. Kunti refuses to give her a re-chant because she wants to stay the mother of more sons than Madri.
Knowing about the birth of Pandu’s sons, Gandhari is so scared that he orders his servant to kill the pregnant stomach with an iron rod so that his child can get out. Despite this, it gives rise to the flesh of a meat which is cold like iron. With the help of Rishi Vyas, he breaks it into pieces and transforms them into hundreds of sons, who are more than ninety-eight from Madri son’s and more than ninety-seven from Kunti son’s, so that they can establish themselves and ultimately the superiority of their husbands.


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