The Hymn 9.33.6 of Rigveda Dating Rig Veda ~50000 BP

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Age of the Vedas

Vedas are the true source of knowledge whether it is about Universe creation, Earth Creation, Human creation and evolution. But the kind of information Vedas possesses, unfortunately, people do not debate on them as much as they do about the construction of Vedas and how Vedas reached to the ancient humans.

Due to the incomplete and wrong understanding of Vedas, the construction period has not yet been defined precisely. But still, some scholars try dating the Rig Veda and these dates has precise logic behind putting the dates. Here are a few construction dates which have been done by scholars around the world and India. I could believe in these dates because it looks more logical to me as these dates are defined by translating and decoding the Rigveda Hymns and Verses.

According to the episode of Kalpasutra

“Dhruv eve stabira bhab” sentence comes in the episode of Kalpasutra. On this, German astrologer Hermann Jacobi has written that the first pole star (Dhruv Taara) was more brighter and stable. This situation was 4700 years ago today. That is why the Kalpasutras were made of 4700 years. Based on the celestial conditions of the planets and constellations Jacobi has proven the creation of Rigveda for more than 4700 years.

According to Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak 

Lokmanya used to study the Vedas himself without using any foreigner reference and accordingly dated RigVeda. He studied the different astronomical phenomenon of earth rotation and other celestial conditions. Tilak tried to prove that ~5000 years back there was a situation that human habitation was possible at poles which he proved by the Ushas hymns of Rigved. He studied Ushas hymns which describe 30 days dawn followed by 3 months of the full day which is possible only in the region of the pole. 

All these characteristics of an Arctic home are clearly recorded in several Vedic hymns. According to Lokmanya, all the Rigveda Mantras did not come together. Rishis and their descendants from time to time make mantras in thousands of years. In this way, some of the Mantras are ten thousand years, some of the eight thousand years and some seven and a half thousand years. All the oldest of the minds (Mantras) are of the Rig Veda.

According to the Greek or Yunani scholars

According to the Greek or Yunani scholars who had collected the genealogy at Sikandar’s time, 154 dynasties had ruled for 6457 years till Chandragupta. Long before all these dynasties, the Rig Veda was formed. In this way, the composition of the Rig Veda has been said – period 8000 years. 

According to one RigVed sloka 2.12.2

He who fixed fast and firm the earth that staggered, and set at rest the agitated mountains, Who measured out the air’s wide middle region and gave the heaven support, He, men, is Indra.

There was a time when the Himalayas were rising from the ocean, there were equal tremors in the earth and the mountains were fickle. According to scientists, this unstable phase was between 25000 years and 50000 years. This stage was seen by the Aryans in their eyes. It is known that some mantras are at least 25000 yrs ago.

We can take the fact into consideration that every year Himalaya mountain increases by 2 inches in height. In that way in the last 50000 years, it has increased ~2500 meters, which is very significant. So it is quite possible that before 50000 years this region was so unstable that causing frequent earthquakes on earth which Aryans experienced by their eyes.

Other Evidence from the RigVed Hymns

A book was written by Sampurnanand “Aaryo ka Aadi Desh” where he has mentioned Asia Minor as a habitation place of Aryans. There are a few verses that mentioned about four oceans that support this statement. Sames hymns also give the Idea of dating as well.

10.136.5 The Steed of Vāta, Vāyu’s friend, the Muni, by the Gods, impelled, In both the oceans hath his home, in eastern and in the western sea.
9.33.6 From every side, O Soma, for our profit, pour thou forth four seas Filled full of riches thousandfold
10.47.2 Wealth, fully armed, good guard and kind protector, sprung from four seas, the prop and stay of treasures, Fraught with great bounties, meet for praise and glory; vouchsafe us mighty and resplendent riches
3.33.2 Impelled by Indra whom ye pray to urge you, ye move as ‘were on chariots to the ocean. Flowing together, swelling with your billows, O lucid Streams, each of you seeks the other.

It is known that rivers Vipash (Vyas) and Shutudri (Sutlej) fell into the sea. It was the southern sea. The “Imperial Gazetteer of India” (first part) shows that the geologists had named it ‘Rajputana-Samudra’. It spread to the south and east parts of the Aravali mountain. Even today, under Rajputana’s womb the saltwater lake (Sambhar Lake) and the feet of salt show that Rajputana was at some time flowing through waves of the sea. The western ocean has so far. East Sea was the East Gangetic region from Punjab.

 Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan
Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan

Where was the northern sea?

It is known from “Encyclopedia Britannica” (the first part) that there was a vast sea in North Asia in Persia, whose name was named as Asian Mediterranean by geologists. In the north, it was connected to the Arctic Ocean. It was near the European Mediterranean. The height of Asia was high and Europe’s low. When the changes of the earth made the path of Vasafaras, then the waters of the Asiatic Sea reached the European sea and the Asian Sea was destroyed.

Geographers Opinion

By the opinion of the geographers, some of its parts have now been dried in the form of lakes, which these days are known as the Black Sea, the Caspian sea. Sea of Aral and Lake Balkhash. It was called the Paratethys Sea when all these four seas were one together. These were the only northern seas where Aryans used to trade (78.2).

 Four Sea as Per Vedas
Four Sea as Per Vedas

To him the guidance-following songs of praise flow full, as those who seek gain go in company to the flood.To him the Lord of power, the holy synod’s might, as to a hill, with speed, ascend the loving ones.

We can see that all these four seas are located in the area which was the Asia Minor in ancient times. According to H. G. Wells, the existence of these four oceans was in the 50000 years to 75000 years. By the proof of this, the creation of the Mantras of the Rig Veda – the period reaches to 75000 years. This is the view of Dr. Avinash Chandra Das.

German Scholars View

Ved scholar Dalengan has written

Vedas are the oldest texts in the world. Their time can not be fixed. Their language is equally difficult for Indians as much as for foreigners. 

Another Vedas scholar Waver has written. 

They are made of that date, to reach there we do not have the appropriate resources. Current knowledge of humanity and resources are unable to take us the advance stage.

This is the opinion of that great scholar who had spent all his life in Ved.


Book by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak Rig Veda in Hindi

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