A Bronze Age Settlement – Akrotiri [Complete Gallery]

Akrotiri Site Map
Akrotiri Site Map
Akrotiri Water Supply

Akrotiri Wall Painting. A Complete Gallery
A Bronze Age settlement was founded mid-fifth millennium BC (before 5000 bc) Buried Under the Ash – Akrotiri (Santorini)

Akrotiri Sewerage System
Akrotiri Xeste – 4 
Akrotiri Double Horn Square
Pithai Store Room
Akrotiri House of the Ladies
Akrotiri West Square
Akrotiri Mill House Square
Akrotiri North Unit
Akrotiri Building Complex Beta
Akrotiri Table Remains
Akrotiri Wall Covered with Ash

Wall Paintings Pictures has taken from Book Art and Religion in Thera by Dr. Nanno Marinatos


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