Akrotiri Wall Painting. A Complete Gallery

Akrotiri – Young Adorant Carrying Fish – West Side Room
Akrotiri Naval Engagement
Akrotiri Naval Festival
Akrotiri Left Town Right Town
Akrotiri – Hunting in a River
Akrotiri Priestess 
Akrotiri Captain’s Cabin
Akrotiri – Woman Standing in Balcony with Horns of Consecration
Akrotiri – Youth Leading an Animal to Sacrifice
Akrotiri – Procession of Youth
Akrotiri – Girl With Saved Head
Akrotiri – Lilies on the Wall
Akrotiri – Lilies
Akrotiri – Papyrus from the House of the Ladies
Akrotiri – Boxing Children
Akrotiri – Monkey


All the Wall Pictures has taken from Book Art and Religion in Thera by Dr. Nanno Marinatos


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