RigVeda Deity – Agni

Hindu, Greek (Greek), Roman, Parsi, etc. castes are the branches of the Aryan race, and fire worship was prevalent in all these and many still exist. The deity from the opinion of the Greeks, who had stolen the first fire from heaven – for the good of man – was named Prometheus or Pramantha (Sanskrit). The Greeks were the exclusive worshipers of that deity. Fire worship was called Valkan or Ulka in the Romans. The Latin-speaking Agni was called the Ignis and the Slavic people Ogni’s. 

Irani and Parsis are worshipers of Agni under the name ‘Atar’. Fire is the famous deity of Hindus. Nirukta is of the opinion that there is fire on the earth, Indra in space and sun god in heaven or sky. Prof. Wilson, the English interpreter of the Rigveda, opined that ‘Angira Rishi and his descendants first preached fire worship in India. But this opinion is inconclusive.

There is the praise of fire in the first mantra of the Rigveda. Agni is said to be a priest or forerunner because he cannot be sacrificed without him. The fire has been said to be devotional because the burning of fire is the reason for the arrival of Gods.

Verse 1.141.2 mentions Three Type of Fires

  1. Gastritis
  2. Learning
  3. Sun – fire in the rays

Wonderful, rich in nourishment, he dwells in food; next, in the seven auspicious Mothers is his home. Thirdly, that they might drain the treasures of the Bull, the maidens brought forth him for whom the ten provide.

3. 22. 2 Mentions Many Other Fires 

The sun in the smoke world is invisible in the earth, in the medicine, there is a sharp fire, in the sea, there is fire form in space and space is fire.

That light of thine in heaven and earth, O Agni, in plants, O Holy One, and in the waters,Wherewith thou hast spread wide the air’s mid-region-bright is that splendor, wavy, man-beholding.

There are often two and a half thousand mantras in Vedic codes regarding Agnidev. Some mantras are mentioned for salutation, which will introduce the nature of fire. He originates from the Sun form on the sky. He was located before the yajna. They are both Brishabha and cow, female and male. In verse 10.5.7, the omnipresent form of the fire has been described.

Not Being, Being in the highest heaven, in Aditi’s bosom, and in Dakṣa’s birthplace,Is Agni, our first-born of Holy Order, the Milch-cow and the Bull in life’s beginning.


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