Worth to Know about these Beautiful Castles of Rhone Alpes, France

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Some places are so beautiful that you just fall in love with that place immediately. While living in La Cote Saint Andre in the Rhone Alpes region, France, I have also felt the same. This place is amazingly beautiful and gives a balance of history and modernization. I try to visit nearby castles during my stay. I have listed four castles which I like most. There might be many other beautiful castles in the Rhone Alpes region but these castles I am listing because of my personal visit.

Castle of La Cote Saint Andre

 Castel - La Cote Saint Andre
Castel – La Cote Saint Andre
Philippe 1st of Savoy - Founder of the castle
Philippe 1st of Savoy – Founder of the castle

The Château is located in the heart of the town of La Côte-Saint-André. The building, placed on a height, rules the whole of the central division of the commune. 


The history of the castle dates back to the 13th century when the parish of La Côte depended on the Savoy. To protect the city from the incursions of the Dauphinois soldiers, Philip I of Savoy decides to start the construction of a castle from 1273.

In the 14th century, the city is attached to the Dauphine and the castle became a place of official events. The Dauphiné states met in the 14th century. In 1518, the castle was sacked by mercenaries returning from the Italian Wars and the castle fell into ruin following fighting related to the religious wars.

In the 1970s, the municipality embarked on major work on the roof accompanied by a treatment of the frame, a reinforced concrete chaining was also carried out directly above the load-bearing walls and the waterproofing of the belvedere

Nearby Attraction

Halle De La Cote Saint Andre hall, located on a large square octagonal, partly attached to a small building, consists of a single body whose vault is a timber frame. The building has a roof made of round tiles with skylights. This hall is dimensions of 76 meters long and about 29 meters wide. This hall is still in use and every Thursday city municipal organizes a small market here.

La Cote Saint Andre Market

Music Museum of Hector Berlioz is the birthplace of the musician Hector Berlioz ( 1803 – 1869 ). Every Year in Aug-Sep month two-week music festival is organized in the village.


Castle of Bressieux

Castle of Bressieux
Castle of Bressieux

The Castle of Bressieux is a former stronghold of the 13th  century whose remains stand in the town of Bressieux. Built-in pink brick, it is now open to visitors. The castle is built at the top of the hill overlooking the village. The enclosure has a gatehouse of the last quarter of the 13th century is surrounded by an impressive moat still visible dry. Inside, excavations have revealed numerous traces of dwellings of the 8th and 16th centuries.


The castle is built by pebbles at the end of the 12th century by Aymard III. In the middle of the 13th century, Aymard VI rebuilt the castle by brick after partially leveled walls pebbles. In 1276 the dungeon was built and the moat was enlarged. The site of the castle was excavated including the 19th century and from 1983 to 1992.



Nearby Attraction

The museum, located near the town hall, presents the result of archaeological excavations carried out for ten years at the castle. Thanks to the objects delivered by the research.

Palace Ideal by Ferdinand Cheval is an extraordinary example to achieve dreams. Ferdinand Cheval built his palace ideal alone in 33 years without anyone’s help.


Castle Virieu

 Castle Of Virieu
Castle Of Virieu

The castle Virieu is an ancient earth castle that turned into the stone castle from the early 11th century, probably around 1010, remodeled several times.


It was in the year 1010 that Wilfrid de Virieu built on his land a mound castle and to which he gives his name. The castle remained two centuries in Virieu’s family, until marriage in 1220 of Beatrix de Virieu with Siboud de Clermont, lord of the neighboring castle.

​In 1573, Antoine de Clermont sold the castle and its lands to Arthus Prunier St André 2nd of the name, first President of the Parliament of Grenoble in 1603 and Lieutenant General of Dauphine.

In 1874, the last descendant of the Prunier of St Andrew, the count of Saint Férréol resold the castle to Alphonse de Virieu. He returned to his family of origin. ​The castle remained uninhabited for 50 years. From 1924 to 1928 François-Henri de Virieu undertook its restoration with the architect Sainte-Marie Perrin. The castle is currently inhabited by the descendants of Virieu’s family


Nearby Attraction

  1. Lac de Paladru is approximately 6 km from the castle and a nice place to hang out.


Castle of Bocsozel

Castle of Bocsozel
Castle of Bocsozel

The castle Bocsozel is a former stronghold of the 12th century, the ruins stand in the town of Mottier in the department of Isère in the region Rhône-Alpes. The castle is in ruins state.


In the 11th century, the first castle of earth and wood appears above the village of Moustier. The Bocsosel family is vassal of the counts of Savoy. In 1286, Pierre de Boscozel sells to Amédée VII Count of Savoy his lands, castles, towers, and houses. In 1896, the rectangular building collapses



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