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You will be Surprised by Knowing the Visa process in Mesopotamia

Text on clay tablets took information about myths, fables, essays, hymns, proverbs, epic poetry, laws, plants, and business. The authenticity between trade was also managed through tablets and cuneiform. You will be Surprised by Knowing the Visa process in Mesopotamia


Bronze Age Rare Ceremonial Dirks. Why Crafted Only Five? No One Knows

The most remarkable piece of the treasure is a bronze ceremonial dirk of exceptional workmanship. But why crafted only five, this is unknown to everyone.


X-Ray Style Prehistoric Lost Rock Art

X-ray style art is a prehistoric rock art depicting animals by drawing or painting the skeletal frame and internal organs.


Really Wonderful to Know Ancient Art of Afghanistan

It is really wonderful to know how the artist could draw so minute details in the figures which were inspired and association of multiple cultures

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Climatic and Land Changes Suggested by The Ancient Maps

The ancient flood may be the mythological story but climate and land changes proof suggested by the ancient maps are indicating that event likely happened.


Do You Want to Know About the 2800 Years Old Kiss of Hasanlu Lovers

Love of these ancient time lovers is immortal which can give you love goals. It makes our faith strong in love.


Learn the Untold Secrets of Gold Hats of Bronze Age

It is the right time to learn the purpose of these bronze age gold hats dated back to 1000 BC. Come and reveal the untold secret of these golden hats.


This Greek God Has Been Guarding The Delos For Over Two Millennia

How the visitors would have felt when sailing towards the Delos island and when they saw a great statue of the God Apollo who was guarding the island.

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Have You Heard About Etruscan Tombs Decorated with Frescos?

Etruscan tombs are the largest documentation of pictorial art, and they are the sole evidence of Etruscan’s life, customs, and mythology.

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Inscription in This Fort Probably Contains the Oldest Record of Zero.

The Gwalior fort which was very strategically very important is well known for its strength and beauty. It is also known as Gibraltar of India.

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