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Unexplained Ancient Technology in Hindu Scripture Ramayana

Unexplained ancient technology used by Rama, Laxman, and Demons to achieve their goals and to get the victory in war was far ahead of the current time.


How King Vikramaditya’s Wife Removed Snake From His Stomach?

Once King Vikramaditya was separated from his assistants in the forest. In the forest, he...


Love Is Nothing For Her But…

When Narada asks Krishna wives to give him equivalent to Krishna. Satyabhama measured Krishna with Gold but how Rukmani measure Krishna, Do you Know?


Can We Control Our Fate? Two Different Timeline Stories

How we act and more importantly how we react during tough situations, it decides the next circle of events. Eventually, further, it decides our fate.


Is fear only the root of all envy? A Tale from Mahabharata

Jealousy is one of ours property which shows that others are better than us and we are less better than them.

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