Hindu, Greek (Greek), Roman, Parsi, etc. castes are the branches of the Aryan race, and fire worship was prevalent in all these and many still exist. The deity from the opinion of the Greeks, who had stolen the first fire from heaven – for the good of man – was […]

  There are many mantras in the Rigveda regarding the Ashvinikumaras like Indra, Agni, and Soma. Who were they? They are light and dark by Max Müller’s opinion. They were a famous man by Goldstucker’s opinion. Castor and Pollock are gods in Greece like these. Just as Tshishtha’s daughter Saranya […]


Akrotiri Site Map Akrotiri Site Map Akrotiri Water Supply Akrotiri Wall Painting. A Complete Gallery A Bronze Age settlement was founded mid-fifth millennium BC (before 5000 bc) Buried Under the Ash – Akrotiri (Santorini) Akrotiri Sewerage System Akrotiri Xeste – 4  Akrotiri Double Horn Square Pithai Store Room Akrotiri House […]

Akrotiri – Young Adorant Carrying Fish – West Side Room Akrotiri Naval Engagement Akrotiri Naval Festival Akrotiri Left Town Right Town Akrotiri – Hunting in a River Akrotiri Priestess  Akrotiri Captain’s Cabin Akrotiri – Woman Standing in Balcony with Horns of Consecration Akrotiri – Youth Leading an Animal to Sacrifice […]

The Hymn 9.33.6 of Rig Veda Dating Rig Veda ~50000 BP The mystery of 330 Millions of the Hindu GOD’s Why is the Universe Creation Myth Almost the Same in Every Civilization? Do you know? How Vedas were Transferred to Humanity? Evidence of Ancient Life in the Arctic Region by […]