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Once a Wealthy City Now a Home of Only 14 People. The Delos Island

Small, rocky island, no more than 5 km long and 1.300 meters. The elite was the most sacred place for the ancient Greeks, because Apollo and Artemis, the two most important gods of the Greek Pantheon were born there


The City of Love which Lost in Time – The Antinopolis

Al-Sheikh Ibada is the name of the modern village which witnessed a magnificent love story of Emperor Hadrian and Antinous in 130 AD


Evidence of Ancient Life in the Arctic Region by Science and Old Scriptures

How Science and Mythology come together and explain the human presence in the Arctic region in ancient time, when the certain astrological phenomenon occurred which made Poles temperature more mild and moderate and favorable for life


Sacsayhuamán – Demons Playground that probably killed 3,000 people

Sacsayhuamán “House of the Sun”, Cusco, Peru is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites which covers a lot of mystery in it. Undoubtedly piece of masterwork Incas did with stones is remarkable, especially at the altitude of 3,701 m (12,142 ft)


Ancient Indian City Found Deep Under Sea – The Dwarka

Dwarka is one of ancient Indian city which was established by Lord Krishna which was submerged under sea in ancient time.

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