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Check These 5 Awesome Ancient Egyptian Cosmetic Palette

These ancient Egyptian cosmetic palettes are archaeological artifacts, originally used in predynastic Egypt to grind and apply ingredients for facial or body cosmetics.

Juridical-Stele-Egypt 0

3600-Year-Old JURIDICAL STELE: Oldest Proof of Administrative Event of Ancient Egypt

Very important stele was discovered in Karnak temple of Egypt which explains one of the administrative processes of ancient Egypt.


3300-year-old Stele Reveals Well Drilling Event In Egypt’s Desert

3300 year old Stele revealed the drilling of a well in Egypt’s desert by Ramses II to begin the water supply in the middle of the desert.


Learn About the Mummy of Influential Prophetess of Antinoopolis

The mummy of the influential prophetess of Antinopolis 620 AD was discovered in 1907 in a Coptic necropolis of Middle Egypt accompanied by remarkable funeral furniture while she was resting in a wooden coffin.


The City of Love which Lost in Time – The Antinopolis

Al-Sheikh Ibada is the name of the modern village which witnessed a magnificent love story of Emperor Hadrian and Antinous in 130 AD

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