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It Is Difficult to Ignore the Beauty of These Ancient Vessels

Our ancestors made these beautiful artifacts for long durability . I bet you cannot ignore the beauty of these ancient ten vessels.


Worth to Know about these Beautiful Castles of Rhone Alpes, France

My visit to nearby castles of La Cote Saint Andre, France during my stay. I have listed four castles which I like most. Worth knowing about these castles


The Goddess of Upper Paleolithic Period [50,000 to 10,000 BP]

A Venus figurine (Venus statuette) is Upper Paleolithic statuette portraying a woman. Most of them...


Once a Wealthy City Now a Home of Only 14 People. The Delos Island

Small, rocky island, no more than 5 km long and 1.300 meters. The elite was the most sacred place for the ancient Greeks, because Apollo and Artemis, the two most important gods of the Greek Pantheon were born there

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A French Postman Who Alone Built Whole Palace in 33 Years – Ferdinand Cheval

Palace Ideal by Ferdinand Cheval is an extraordinary example to achieve dreams. Ferdinand Cheval built his palace ideal alone in 33 years without anyone’s help.

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