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Do You Believe that Vedas were Heard of Seen? Proof from Rigveda

Vedas were Seen and proof for this already present on Rigveda. Question is how some verses and hymns can be seen, whereas, they were not written anywhere.


Why Only Thirty-Three GOD’s Mentioned in Rigveda? No Answer Found

It is believed that there are 330 million of GOD in the Hindu religion. But what is the fact behind it? Is it a true number of result of some mistake happened during the interpretation of the ancient scripture

Universe Creation Story 0

Why is the Universe Creation Myth Almost the Same in Every Civilization?

It is the all-time favorite question. Why almost all civilization share the same kind of information? Why the scriptures from different civilization has almost same kind of information.


RigVeda Deity – Agni

Hindu, Greek (Greek), Roman, Parsi, etc. castes are the branches of the Aryan race, and...

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RigVeda Deity – Ashwin Kumar’s

There are many mantras in the Rigveda regarding the Ashvinikumaras like Indra, Agni, and Soma....


The Hymn 9.33.6 of Rigveda Dating Rig Veda ~50000 BP

Hymns 9.33.6 of Rig Veda is able to date Rig Veda for more than 50000 years. The phenomenon which is mentioned in this verse


Easiest Way to Read RigVed

The Hymn 9.33.6 of Rig Veda Dating Rig Veda ~50000 BP The mystery of 330...


Do you know? How and when Vedas Transferred to Humans?

Vedas is the true source of knowledge whether it is about Universe creation, Earth Creation or Human creation and evolution. But at which phase of creation or when this knowledge was transferred to humanity.


Evidence of Ancient Life in the Arctic Region by Science and Old Scriptures

How Science and Mythology come together and explain the human presence in the Arctic region in ancient time, when the certain astrological phenomenon occurred which made Poles temperature more mild and moderate and favorable for life


How the Earth Was Made? Evidence from Hindu Scripture Vedas

Hindu ancient scripture Vedas are a true source of knowledge. It has information about the formation of the universe to the formation to earth to formation of humans. Most of the time knowledge in Vedas is underestimated and humans are continuously re-discovering the cycle.

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