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You will be Amazed by Knowing the Schooling Tablet of Ancient Mesopotamia

It is very amazing to know that ancient Sumerian people had a well-established schooling system and ample record in terms of clay tablets has been discovered

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A 4000 Years Old Sumerian Tablet – Oldest Proof of Literary Catalog

Literary Catalog clay tablet is a great example of “Need as the mother of invention”. By 2000 B.C Sumerian people wrote so many tablets that were difficult to maintain.


How Was Authenticity Maintained Between Trades in Ancient Mesopotamia?

A bulla is a sphere shaped clay object which was used to carry clay tokens of the commercial trades to maintain the authenticity of the trade.

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The Oldest Known Customer Complaint Found on Mesopotamia’s Clay Tablet [1750 BC]

Clay tablets are the archive of the ancient history of Mesopotamia. Probably the very first customer complaint of ancient times

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Why is the Universe Creation Myth Almost the Same in Every Civilization?

It is the all-time favorite question. Why almost all civilization share the same kind of information? Why the scriptures from different civilization has almost same kind of information.

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