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Check These 5 Awesome Ancient Egyptian Cosmetic Palette

These ancient Egyptian cosmetic palettes are archaeological artifacts, originally used in predynastic Egypt to grind and apply ingredients for facial or body cosmetics.


You will be Amazed by Knowing the Schooling Tablet of Ancient Mesopotamia

It is very amazing to know that ancient Sumerian people had a well-established schooling system and ample record in terms of clay tablets has been discovered

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A 4000 Years Old Sumerian Tablet – Oldest Proof of Literary Catalog

Literary Catalog clay tablet is a great example of “Need as the mother of invention”. By 2000 B.C Sumerian people wrote so many tablets that were difficult to maintain.

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3600-Year-Old JURIDICAL STELE: Oldest Proof of Administrative Event of Ancient Egypt

Very important stele was discovered in Karnak temple of Egypt which explains one of the administrative processes of ancient Egypt.


Random Images or Genuine Astrology? Prehistoric Cave Art

Prehistoric cave art is not simply depictions of wild animals. Instead, the animal symbols represent star constellations in the night sky.


3300-year-old Stele Reveals Well Drilling Event In Egypt’s Desert

3300 year old Stele revealed the drilling of a well in Egypt’s desert by Ramses II to begin the water supply in the middle of the desert.


How Cuneiform Script was Deciphered? The Answer is Behistun Inscription

The key to the decipherment of the Egyptian hieroglyphics was given by the Rosetta Stone. In the case of the cuneiform languages, travelers had noticed a number of inscriptions sculptured on rocks in Persia which is called Behistun Inscription


Learn About the Mummy of Influential Prophetess of Antinoopolis

The mummy of the influential prophetess of Antinopolis 620 AD was discovered in 1907 in a Coptic necropolis of Middle Egypt accompanied by remarkable funeral furniture while she was resting in a wooden coffin.

Indus Valley Less Famous Artifacts 0

You will Rarely Find Results in Google Search for these Indus Valley Artifacts

Some of the artworks are very famous such as Indus Valley Pashupati seal, the Priest king, the dancing girl, etc. But still, some important and beautiful artifacts have missed the attention.


Do You Believe that Vedas were Heard of Seen? Proof from Rigveda

Vedas were Seen and proof for this already present on Rigveda. Question is how some verses and hymns can be seen, whereas, they were not written anywhere.

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